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Melanie Noel is the author of The Monarchs (Stockport Flats, 2013) and a Ringing (Goodmorning Menagerie, 2020). Her poems have appeared in Thermos, Spiral Orb, GUEST, The Volta, The Arcadia Project, and most recently shelf documents, a collection she also copyedited. She’s written poems for installations and as live scores for short films. She was a co-curator of the dance, music and poetry series APOSTROPHE and curated Impala, a reading series that took place in her grandmother’s car. She’s taught classes in woods & parks, as well as schools, hospitals and community centers. She holds Masters degrees in Education (Antioch) and Poetry (Iowa Writers’ Workshop). She thinks and dreams about antennae and giants.

short movie loop of a women scratching the throat of a happy ox sitting in a green field with a mountain and cloudy skies behind

scritches for your throat chakra
helping you say what you mean

short time lapse movie loop of a yellow dandelion flower closing and going to seed

a bright eye for your creativity

short movie loop of a women snuggling with an ox while scratching his head

a steady embodied gaze
a place to lean in